Good Food was a social venture with a bold mission: To nourish productive urban communities through access to good food. A catalytic and innovative prepared food distribution model that increases access to fresh, nutritious, tasty, affordable and convenient food in low income communities.

Poor nutrition poses significant impact on society and livelihoods that are disproportional felt in low-income communities. Low purchasing power, increasing time constraints and low availability of fresh meals, have led to an overwhelming rise in diet-related health disparities. These impacts are concentrated in low-income communities like Central Brooklyn, East/Central Harlem and South Bronx leading to staggering high rates of diabetes, obesity, and increased health care expenses.

To tackle that, Good Food had a three-fold approach:

1) to make locally sourced, fresh, nutritious meals for under $5 dollars in low-income neighborhoods

2) to build community awareness about nutrition

3) to foster local workforce development

Good Food planned to use a Hub & Spoke strategy in which the HUB would serve as the central location for crafting the meals. The SPOKES would be our community-based organizations and micro-entrepreneurs that will act as last-mile distribution channels in the community. Ad sales to responsible companies on the packaging may contribute revenue.  


Secondary research – Collecting data through reports on nutrition, food deserts, and the issue of food security in various parts of the world. Further into the process, we also collected data on pricing, policy & regulations on food distribution, and agricultural value chains in India & USA

Primary Research – We spent a month in Mumbai exploring the food supply chain – right from the villages around the city that supplied the fresh produce to the markets within the city that distributed them. Along with this, we also spoke to organizations and individuals that were working in providing nutritious food to urban communities, including eminent scientists, cold chain organizations & fresh produce distribution companies.

Concept Creation – entailed creating various detailed analyses of the food distribution market in the USA, based on which we came up with our concept of a Hub & Spoke fresh food distribution model. Following which we came up with detailed cost analyses, competitor analyses, our lean canvas & evaluation modules.

Prototyping & Partnership buildingWe worked with a locally organized farmer’s market in Harlem to prototype some parts of our idea. The goal was to test if the meals we created were favorably received, and get some validation of the overall concept.

  • Early morning bhaaji market
  • A terrace garden in Dadar
  • Talking to bhaaji wala's around Mumbai
  • Slum in Bangalore
  • APMC market in Navi Mumbai


Good Food was a project I was part of as a student of the Social Entrepreneurship class at the Stern school of business at NYU (with professor Hans Taparia). I was part of a 4 member team that included a Brazilian Food sciences grad, an American urban planning MBA student & a Korean public policy grad.  You can see our final presentation here