Facilitating workshops using Human Centered Design principles to solve social problems

Kenya – Innovations in Agriculture

I have designed & facilitated 2 programs with a digital literacy non-profit in Kenya, focused on creating innovative solutions for agricultural challenges, and also to teach the principles of Human Centered Design experientially. Some promising ideas that came out of the workshops are being incubated by the University of Nairobi


India’s Next40 – Startups

India’s Next 40 was Ycenter’s flagship entrepreneurship program launched in 2015. The goal of the program was to provide a structured guided program for recent graduates and working professionals to pursue their dreams of launching their own companies. Ycenter has incubated 3 companies that are close to launching, and our programs have led to many participants quitting their jobs and pursuing their passions full time.


OpenStorms – Social Innovation

Openstorms are brainstorming workshops organized to collaboratively work on challenges posted on OpenIdeo, an open innovation platform. I was the OpenIdeo NYC & later Mumbai meetup co-ordinator, and my role was to design workshops, organize & facilitate meetups to work on current OpenIdeo challenges.


  • Lolo is a sculpture made out of waste materials, as part of an e-waste challenge posted on OpenIdeo


Hack Ebola – Social Innovation

Hack Ebola was a 2 day hackathon that I organized in response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. USAID and OpenIdeo had posted on open call for solutions that would aid medical workers in combating the spread of the disease, and were offering funding for promising ideas. One idea that came from the event was pushed forward for funding. You can read more about the event here – NPR, Biz Journal